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Drastic ds emulator – Play  the game of your life

One of the best emulators in the market is the Drastic ds emulator. It is debatably the most stable DS Emulator that is available on the market. Various tests have proved that the Drastic ds emulator is reliable and worth a buy. When emulators are based on the code that is written for Windows programs, they work at a slow pace on android. The Drastic ds emulator apk is created from scratch to run on ARM. It requires a minimum Cortex-A8 processor and 256MB of RAM to run. Devices that do not have sufficient RAM or single processors will not function as smoothly. The difference in the performance level is also quite obvious.

This emulator comes with a variety of features that enhance and improve the gaming experience. Drastic ds emulator is considered to be one of the best Nintendo Emulator built for the Android. The market share is tremendous for the Nintendo in the world of gaming. It is predicted to be the number one Video Game.

Drastic Ds Emulator

In the world of computers, an emulator is considered to be a fairly important. It is used to emulate the functions of one system by using another different system. This results in the second system appearing to behave like the first one. There are other forms of computer simulation which concerns an abstract model of what is being simulated.

Use of Emulator

Emulators help you run games that cannot be ordinarily run in the current device. You cannot play Nintendo games without downloading Drastic ds Emulator. It is a really fast emulator that brings out the best experience in gaming. The game is given a big boost. Full speed gaming is possible with the help of this emulator on Drastic ds Emulator. With high graphic resolution and complete control in gaming, this is the best way to play.


It is by far the best android emulator created especially for the android smart phone. It has the best features.

  • Customization of Screen layout
  • Customization of the controller
  • Support for the hardware controllers
  • Google drive support
  • Fast forward


The improved graphics render a fantastic gaming experience. The fact that the price is high is overlooked because of the advantages of the Drastic ds emulator.

How to use an emulator

To set up a Drastic Ds Emulator

  • Obtain the BIOS files for the Nintendo DS
  • Save them in the root storage folder of your phone. It can be the SD card or the download folder on the phone memory.
  • Make sure you obtain them legally. You can get them via third-party hardware.
  • There are other ways to obtain them, but they are not technically legal. They may be avoided.
  • Once the files are ready, start the application. Pick a game from the file browser.
  • Drastic ds emulator has a few fantastic options. Check the out and

Legality is a very dicey issue when it comes to emulators. The general consensus is that you are allowed to emulate a game that is commercially sold provided you own the original copy. While playing the game, you would have absolute access to both the DS's physical controls via virtual inputs, as well as the lower touch screen emulated in Android. A pop-up menu permits activation of the stylus mode that makes the virtual controls disappear. There is a complete touch screen control present.

The drastic ds emulator can also support the controllers. It can handle whatever you throw at it. It could be Bluetooth, HID, Moga, Xperia play or NVIDIA SHIELD. The mapping can be done easy and quick. You can control the hardware according to your personal preferences by binding the screen-swap feature.

Advantages of Drastic ds emulator

  • It has Google drive integration. Even if the phone has crashed or has been reset, the saves on the games are not lost.
  • Placeholder location in the menus


Many believe that the price tag is fairly hefty when compared to other emulators on the market. Having said that, there are gamers who still use the Drastic ds emulator apk loyally because they know for a fact that it is worth every penny.

Drastic ds emulator free

If you do not want to shell out any money you have the option to download Drastic DS Emulator, the complete version free of cost. This is the best app in the market today and is worth a shot.  The application works on all devices. The only hurdle would be the fact that long gaming hours could mean frame drops.

Any new update of latest Drastic DS apk full Free will be intimated to you. Adding better feature make the game more versatile and faster in performance.


  • Enhanced reliability
  • Faster speed
  • Three D graphics are enabled that will grade your phone as the best gaming phone
  • You can your screen placement of DS Screens. The options are Xperia Play and Nvidia shield.
  • It can support add-on controllers. You have the ability to control it.
  • You can save your game time and resume it as you deem fit. You also have the option of letting it play as and when you want.
  • There are thousands of cheat codes that are available that can boost your game and let you come on top.
  • You can your game using your Google Drive Space Account.
  • You can increase the speed of the Drastic DS Emulator Apk Download with Fast-forward
  • When compared to other emulators, the Drastic ds Emulator is faster and more .

How to obtain Drastic DS Emulator Full Apk on Android?

  • In order to obtain the drastic ds emulator on your device, download it from google play store. Search for the one you are looking for.
  • Install Drastic DS Emulator Cracked . Open the web browser on the Android. None of the emulators come with ROM (gaming files). You will be required to download them separately by using the browser.
  • Search for the specific games that you would like to download. Please note that it could be illegal to download those games that you do not physically own.
  • Tap on the download link. Look for the ISO file or the ROM. The download commences and is saved on the specific folder on your Android phone as you have saved in our settings.
  • Open the emulator app after you have downloaded the desired games.
  • Load the ISO file or the ROM file. Browse through the Android Storage and locate the file. You can also find them in the download folder if you have used your browser to download them.
  • Tap open and have a fantastic gaming experience.

Difference between emulation and simulation

Emulation includes imitation of the internal device design. Simulation is the imitation of the function of the device. For example, a program that imitates Super Mario hardware and runs the real ROM n it is emulation. On the other hand, a Super Mario game written on your computer playing with graphics that is comparable to the real arcade is a simulation.

What can be emulated?

The presence of a microprocessor is a must. Anything with it inside can be emulated. Devices with flexible programs are emulated the most. Calculators, computers, arcade video games etc are emulated.

Any computer system can be emulated. It does not matter how complex the system is. The quality of the performance may reduce.

The legality

There is a very fine line when the question of legality arises. Emulating proprietary hardware raises all kinds of questions about legality, and rightly so. It is believed that the emulation is legal provided the data on it has been provided via legal means. Distribution becomes illegal if copyright issues occur.

To write an Emulator

Knowledge of digital electronics and computer programming is vital to writing an emulator. Having experience and knowledge about assembly programming is also helpful.

  • Pick a programming language that you would like to
  • Obtain all the relevant data regarding this emulated hardware
  • Begin with writing CPU emulation. You can also get a pre-written code for CPU Emulation.
  • Write partial or full draft code in order to emulate the remaining hardware
  • A built-in debugger is useful because it stops the emulation and takes a look at what the program is working on. A of the emulated system may also be required. You have a choice of writing one on your own
  • Time to test it. Run on the emulator.
  • debugger and disassembler. Check how the program employs the program. Adjust code if necessary.

Language to be used

There are many options that can be looked at. Assembly and C are the most popular ones.


  • A portable code allows flexibility. It is versatile and can be used on different operating systems and computers.
  • Debugging is not an issue. The code need not be altered.


  • C is believed to be much slower when compared to Assembly.



  • Faster code can be produced
  • Emulating CPU registers are in order to store the registers of the emulated CPU directly.


  • This code is not portable. It is not versatile like C to run on computers that built with different architecture.
  • Debugging is not easy. The code gets altered in the process.

Pick the right programming Language

It is vital to know and understand the computer language that is selected when writing for a working emulator. The project is tedious and complicated. The code written must be optimized and efficient enough to run effectively and with good speed. If you want to learn a programming language, it is best to postpone writing a working emulator for the time being.

Types of emulators

Since the inception of emulators, there have been many types of emulators that have been written for various things. Emulators can exist both in hardware as well as software. One of the most useful tools for a mobile web is the emulator. The android Emulator, HP webOS Emulator, and the Nokia Symbian Emulator are a few examples, to begin with.

This piece of software translates compiled code from the original architecture to a platform where it’s running.

Device emulator – This desktop application emulates a mobile device hardware and the operating systems. It will allow you to test and debug the application. You can see how it works.

Operating System emulator – While it does not represent any real device hardware, the whole operating system is being emulated. Windows Mobile and Android utilize the Operating System emulator.

Video Game Emulator

A video game console emulator permits a computing device to emulate the console of a video game and to play the game on its emulating platform.

There are a variety of emulators that are available on the market. They can be downloaded directly from the Play Store for Android. This is mostly for hand-held and retro systems. DraStic (Nintendo DS) is on top of the wish list of those who are looking for quality emulators for their android.



Conclusion about Drastic Ds Emulator


Gaming has been the passion of many since the mid-nineties. Those who started gaming at this time began their experience with the game on Xbox, personal computers, and play stations. The statistics say that a majority of the people started playing games on Nintendo (Drastic DS Emulator). Avid and passionate gamers know the true value of Nintendo and are crazy about it. When it comes to the original gaming experience, Nintendo is considered to be classic. It is one of the largest gaming organizations with respect to capitalization.

Drastic emulator is what you have been waiting for. Fans of Android Emulators have found their holy grain in the Drastic ds emulator. It may not be the first emulator built for Android it is considered to be the best by far. It provides an incredibly smooth performance provided the hardware is sufficient. The number of options available in order to adapt the ds ergonomics is an added advantage.

All in all, the Drastic ds emulator is a good choice that is recommended if you want one of the best performances.

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