Criminal Case Pacific Bay Hack & Cheats

Criminal case pacific bay hack

This hack can generate pooling resources in advance to enable the player to advance in the game. Unlimited coins, energy, and cash can be provided with the right criminal case pacific bay hacks. These items play a crucial role in the game.

Why criminal case pacific bay cheats?

Sometimes, players lose patience while playing the same level over and over again. Coins, energy, and cash are obtainable without spending hours and days playing the same game repeatedly.

Advantages of Criminal case pacific bay hacks

  • You can get all the power-ups that are available.
  • Within a span of five minutes, the users of this hack can add all the possible coins, energy and cash can be added to their account.
  • There is a one hundred percent safe anti ban feature that is attached to this hack. Users are free and secure to the criminal case pacific bay hack tool without having to worry about being banned from the game.
  • The hacks have been proven to be virtually undetectable on the internet. They provide proxy support which is a big advantage to the users of the criminal case pacific bay hack tool.


Features of the criminal case pacific bay hack

  • Endless cash
  • Endless coins
  • Endless energy
  • Compatible with many devices such as android, apply, IOS, along with PC, and Mac OS. They also work on all browsers.
  • Automatic update is enabled. Players do not have to check and update.
  • There is a 100% anti-ban feature case pacific bay cheat which with proxies. This safety feature keeps the player away from possible bans.
  • There is no Root involved.

How to use the criminal case pacific bay hacks

  • Download the criminal case pacific bay hacks
  • Open the criminal case pacific bay hack tool
  • In the appropriate box, enter your FB email address
  • Select the features as per your wish
  • Enter their respective values
  • Click the HACK button
  • The game is automatically updated with your specific requirements
  • Do not forget to have fun

Hack criminal case pacific bay

This online tool provides the best hacks that can be obtained online. There are many features that make this hack a very good one suitable for the game

  • There is no need to download anything
  • There is no question of virus, spyware or any malware
  • Installation of programs and associated software are not necessary
  • The auto-update system is very efficient
  • They are tested and undetectable
  • The player has 24/7 access to the program
  • It is incredibly user-friendly. Players have no trouble with the software program
  • The generator works on all devices and makes it compatible with ease with any browser as well

Be the detective you have always wanted to be – with a little help

CC, as it is popularly known as amongst the players; is a Facebook detective-themed hidden objects game that has the charm, the skill and the interest to keep people hooked on to the game. Today, the internet is flooded with millions of games of different genre. A detective themed game is one of the few that involve a lot of processing and thinking.

Criminal Case Pacific Bay Hack Detective

In the game criminal case, the protagonist is the detective. The player takes over this role. His job is to solve murders. The way to go about it is very simple.

How to play the game

  • Take the entire crime scene into your view
  • Pick up the relevant clues at the crime scene
  • Put them together and try to make sense out of it
  • Examine the evidence
  • Put a suspect list together by trying to figure out who could have had access to the crime scene
  • Interrogate the suspect list and ask them for their alibi at the time of the crime
  • Make a list of the criteria that have to be satisfied for the suspect to be the criminal
  •  Rule out the suspects that do not fit the bill
  • Make the right decision and mark the suspect you feel is the criminal
  • If the decision is right, the case is considered to be solved

To go to the next level and unlock the next case, the detective/player has to complete the previous case’s (i.e. solved case) post-indictment chapter. They also include puzzle elements and progressions at various levels. Bonus features are also integrated into the game.

What happens?

The player is a rookie in the beginning. The cases are solved by the Grimsborough Police Department. He is partnered with Inspector David Jones. The two have to solve the murder case together.

There are six districts featured in Grimsborough-

  • the Industrial Area
  • the Financial Center
  • the Historical Center
  • the University
  • the Maple Heights and
  • the Airport

In Grimsborough, there is a total of 56 cases featured. Completion of these cases takes the player to the city of Pacific Bay.

The player is promoted to the Pacific Bay PD. The new partners are Frank Knight and Amy Young. There are ten districts featured here: Ocean Shore, Bayou Bleu, Jazz Town, Inner City, Ivywood Hills, White Peaks, Rhine Canyon, Innovation Valley, Paradise City, and The Wastes. Pacific Bay features fifty cases. Each district has five cases. 


Scores are added when rapid locations are picked correctly with respect the clues. The player needs 36 stars to solve the Criminal Case. Four types of scenes are included –

  • Find Scenes (1,2,4,5,7,8)
  • Puzzle Scene (3)
  • Time Limit Scene (6)
  • Cross Matching Scene (9)

The game, Criminal Case, involves a few gruesome murders, characters that are shady and bizarre, a mob boss and a business mogul. In Pacific Bay, you are accompanied by two different partner detectives who help you solve the murders. The international law enforcement agency deals with numerous crimes that have taken place all over the world.

Before you play, ask your friend to accompany you. The more the merrier. Playing games with friends is what gives the added edge to the game.

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