Clash Royale Private Server and Switcher

Phishing Vs Clash Royale Private Server

There is a wide difference between Phishing and Private servers. In phishing, there is an identity theft associated. The phishing software works by stealing the identity of the original / legitimate Clash Royale server. But in the case of Clash Royale Private server, it communicates with the Clash Royale Client through reverse engineered protocols just like the original server. Many online games of today has private servers.

Download / Application of Clash Royale Private Server


Clash Royale Private servers are available for both the iOS and Android versions. Most of the downloaded servers run without any trouble in the Android devices. The only thing to keep in mind is to have a rooted Android device. There are few flaws in the iOS apps though! But with the latest updates, the problem seems to be resolved.

Let us now see how the FHX clash Royale can be used in Android devices.

  • The first step is to download the Clash Royale FHX application.
  • Once the download is completed, the file needs to be installed in the android device.
  • Open the file after the installation procedure is complete.
  • Once the application is opened, the application would require the permissions to operate. When the root permission is asked for, allow the application to access the root.
  • Clash Royale will now open and one can see the loading screen.

Please note that there are also private servers modded APKs, that run without the need for root. They might have some lag issues but otherwise they too run like the original servers.

  • Install and open the application.
  • The Clash Royale Client will be automatically connected to the downloaded private server instead of the official server of Clash Royale.

A point to note is that modded APKs overwrite the original Clash Royale game.

Features of Clash Royale Private Server

The fan base for the Clash Royale game is huge. Many players around the world are looking for more resources like Gold and Gems to play the game more effectively. This is because the player gets all the cards very easily if he has unlimited Gems on hand. Clash Royale servers are of great help during this time of need.

With the Clash Royale Private Server installed in your Android or iOS devices, you can enjoy the following basic features. But please be informed that this is a generic feature. It might vary from one third party server to the other.

Here are the features:

  • Access to unlimited gems and gold.
  • Access to unlimited number of chests to open
  • The original server allows the player to have clans. In the same way, server also allows the players to have clans.
  • The player also gets Elixir
  • As there is unlimited supply of gold and gems, one can easily buy cards whenever he wants, at ease.
  • The player can play with his friends who is part of the clan.
  • Last but not least, the player cannot find any difference between the working of the real server and the private server. The imitation of the functionality will be just perfect.

Basics of Clash Royale Private Server

Clash Royale Private server is a virtual machine and has the advantage of being privately administered. A game server like the Clash Royale Private server is often an emulator and is nothing but the reimplementation of online game servers. They act as clones to the commercially released game software but by a third party. These kind of game servers are usually not released by the original company which created the games, but they try to imitate the game in some way. There are many Clash Royale servers released by third parties for Clash Royale Game.

It is important to choose a reliable Clash Royale private server. A 100% safe private server means that it doesn’t require any of the private data of the user and does not share any of the device’s resources. The only thing that would be required by a genuine Clash Royale Private server is an active internet connection so that the device can be connected to the Clash Royale Private server.

The players need to select a private server that is trustable and at the same time, easy to use. It is better to select a server that works on all platforms. Here are some pointers to help the players select the right Clash Royale Private server.

  • It should be simple to use.
  • It should not cause stress to the device’s CPU.
  • It should not take up a lot of memory of the device as occupying too much memory would cause slowing down of other activities and applications in the device at the same time.
  • It is better to select an app that is written in mobile-friendly language.

Disadvantages of Clash Royale FHX

There is no change in opinion to the last point made above. Private servers give a lot of improved features. But here are a few cons worth noting.

  • It might sometimes become unchallenging and boring, as all the resources are available to the player.
  • On certain occasions, the server might run-down or become slow.
  • Some might get automatically disconnected. Though, they have undergone improvement and work fine, it is not fully eliminated.


Clash Royale private servers are like paradise on Earth. Clash Royale private servers are the best way to practise and get well-trained as there are unlimited resources available. Once, the player has practised well, they can boost their scores and levels in the official clash Royale server. Feel free to install the private servers that are frequently updated and are of latest versions.

Also, make sure to download the version that is compatible with your device. There are some apps that work on Android but not on iOS devices. Another point to note is the lag issues on some servers. The lag is because of the number of users making use of the server. Using Clash Royale is simple and it depends on how one selects the servers.

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